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Mr David Steinepreis - UK Consultant

Mr Steinepreis is a Chartered Accountant and former partner of an international accounting firm where he specialised in strategic corporate advice and taxation
for listed companies. He entered commerce as a director, adviser and major shareholder of a number of listed companies in the gold, diamonds, oil and new mining technology sectors.

Mr Steinepreis has been a permanent resident of the United Kingdom since 2006. He is a Non Executive
Director of Norseman Gold plc which is listed on AIM
and ASX.

Strategy for Croesus Mining

On behalf of Croesus Mining and its owners, Mr
Steinepreis will be seeking resources projects in Europe
for Croesus Mining through his UK contacts.

Croesus Mining aims to provide expertise and funding for the eventual stock market listing of resources projects on European stock exchanges.



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